Monday, January 24, 2011

"Would you like the cancer?"

Some days, I feel exactly like all I do all day long is
jump hurdles.

Really big, harrowing adult kind of hurdles.
Hurdles with the sort of exacting height that makes one stumble and fall a bit.
Only, as it goes with hurdles, falling means some formidable scrapes, bumps, and bruises.

{Or, you know, crying prayers on lunch hours.}
(Which may just be the hormones. . . but who else knows like your Father in Heaven?)

And you will feel Frustrated.
Out of Sorts.
Like giving up.

But, alas . . .
You cannot.

Because you are an adult.
And, sometimes, being an adult means
standing up and fighting
learning how to be patient
finding ways to keep going
digging for strength
praying for guidance
and getting back up and doing it all over again tomorrow.

Even if you don't want to.

So you look up how to jump hurdles,
in hopes of finding some tips on how to do it better,
and it talks about
conserving speed and energy,
mimicking the opening of a door,
landing with purpose,
and reminds you that
"training and repetition will provide the technique and speed building required to succeed"
(in case you forgot)

And, secretly, we all hope there's a MIGHTY, roaring


at the end of all this.

{And maybe abs like that might be nice, too?}

[Title post is from "Up in the Air"]

1 comment:

Miranda said...

Thank you sis! I totally needed to read this today. I've been feeling on the verge of... well, not quite giving up, but not nearly 100%commited either. What an inspiring message to be used in all facets of life!!

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