Saturday, August 6, 2011

"August 6th." "August 6th what?" "August 6th period."

The other day, my facebook status read "Is it Friday yet? Is it September yet? Is it 2010 yet?".

Immediately after typing that, I thought "What is with me!?"

Because the thing is, I was trying really hard to wait patiently. For Friday and the reprieve of a day off. For September and the promise both of new job offers (for M) and new fall shows (for me). For 2012 and the hope of different priorities and a new president and maybe even being in the pudding club again.

And August - with its long, hot days and stormy, cranky nights - torments wildly.

We are in a staring contest, August and I, each waiting for the other's next move - wondering who will cave and blink first. I am sure to lose.

August is, after all, a long month. Particularly with its "write everyday!" and "no sugar!" manifestos holstered on either hip like firearms at the ready, to be pointed and aimed at me as August chooses.

I am, after all, August's prisoner.

[Title quote is from "I Love Lucy" (Today is Lucille Ball's 100th birthday! Totally didn't plan that.)]

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