Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"You are never gonna be Jell-O!"

Here’s the story, morning glory
(Lest you think me an only-when-angry blogger)
My creative energy has flat-lined
I tried to revive it using a journaling defibrillator
But no use
Dead as a doornail
And when not going all Jacob Marley on me
The thoughts come too quickly and rapidly
They flit and float and fly away
Long before I can catch them all
To pin them down
Like the veritable flutter-by collection
I wish they were
So I toss my hands up
Cry a “hail Mary”
Or two
And go about my mundanity

Which, lately, means
Reading (actual books!)

You too?

[Title quote is from "My Best Friend's Wedding"]

1 comment:

TheOneTrueSue said...

I'd say your creative energy is pretty evident in this post. Plus you described perfectly how I've been feeling for the last six months or so.

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