Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"WHAT, is this your first day on the job or something?"

Today was an interesting day. It started at 6:45 a.m. with me calling in sick - legitimately, mind you. I seriously considered cancelling the reunion lunch with the gals at my "old" work, but it's been set for a month - so, nothing doing, I headed to Claim Jumper in Tempe. Michel asked "can I come, too?" so he came too.

During our lunch, we caught up and laughed like crazy and I realized how much I really miss them. How much I really miss seeing them everyday and practicing my spanish with them (no one in AJ speaks that language, it seems), sharing the things of daily life with them.

But, it also became clear to me (why today of all days - I can't answer) that there are different seasons to our lives. I have no idea why last August was the time of my life that I needed to leave G&O and go to the City of AJ. I love all my friends from G&O, and it's hard to explain, but I just understand inherently that this is a different season for me right now.

Anyhow, I generally haven't felt well for what's now going on a week (I have an appointment with my doc on Friday) - and amidst the drive back home, the work calls I made, calls from my mom and sister, and a call to the doc's office - I've had a bunch of time to reflect on this. It helps me be calm because it relates to other areas of my life that don't seem as clear or make as much sense. They'll all have their season and I'm not in charge of the weather or cycles around here!

(Quote from Austin Powers in Goldmember)

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