Friday, August 17, 2007

"If we lucky, maybe, we got some nice pictures to take with us. You got enough nice pictures?"

So, camera phones are great, if not gritty and smallish in pixel sizes. I finally downloaded a bunch of photos from both of our phones (finally). I thought I'd share a few snapshots from our life so far this year, in no particular order:

First bald eagle either of us has ever seen in nature

Michel and me on our kayaks - some of our best times recently

Michel visiting the Simpsons

Michel's dream truck on it's way to the dealership - where it will be sold to someone else, unfortunately

fireworks we saw from our back yard on the 4th

my nephew Brendan's first fish ever

a spot of shade at Hawley Lake

proof positive of the power of the priesthood - my father in law sitting up and in perfect health after a stroke

the age-old rivalry - notice which one is sitting higher

the icon of our time in SoCal

one of M's hikes earlier this year

my mom and pop in law

me at my favorite place

our friend Jon

watching the Chihuahua races on Cinco de Mayo

cactus blossoms at Boyce Thompson Arboretum


M and Nena at the vet

the current condition of my kitchen - M is putting in a new dishwasher since ours took a dump

the view from our street

my view from the parking lot at work

famous dust storm of AZ

Sedona javelina - one of these days we'll find out the names of them all, go find them, and take pics of them - a proverbial javelina treasure hunt!

mountains in Sedona

M with Kent Dana at the VNSA book fair

[Title quote is from Meet Joe Black]

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Jen said...

Those are fun pics! We need to go kayaking before the weather gets cold. I guess since we live in good ol az we still have a few months!!
Oh we saw bourne, and loved it!! You were right it doesn't dissappoint!

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