Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"I have traveled through time and space to find you."

Or "Why Blogging is better than FaceBook and MySpace".

See, I've been thinking (I know - dangerous neighborhood to travel in. . . ) and I've decided that blogging is so much better than FaceBook or Myspace or those those various other look-alikes. Sure, it's easy enough to go to FB or MS and type in a name and within a millisecond have the instant gratification of finding who you're looking for and their list of what they like and what they're up to along with all their essentials, ultimately speeding past them in your digital sportscar of a computer, and rushing on to the next name and page.

Now, normally and in almost every other instance, I would go this more direct, efficient route and put out signs so all my friends could follow.


I have found that it is SO much more rewarding and downright delightful to walk through the backwoods that is the blogging world, peeking into peoples' little blog windows while nobody's home and, by looking at their little blog links, ultimately "webbing" ourselves inside each other's lives and, every now and then, unexpectedly wandering from one person's backyard into someone else's front lawn and realizing that you KNOW this person (or at least you did in a former chapter) and doing some searching and discovering about who they are now (because you have to look closer for the details) and maybe even stopping to sit there with them and chat.

How cool is that!?!

[Title quote is from "A Cinderella Story"]


Caroline said...

That's my favorite. I love discovering old friends!

Jen said...

you summed it up well! i love blogging it totally is better than the those wanna-be sites!

Jen said...

by the way you only have 8 days til vacation... where are you going this time?

trina said...

i soooo agree! i find myself wanting to find out what's on ur blog more than asking "who sent some lame comment now?"! after this i've decided that i'm gonna begin bloggin... well after this semester is OVER!!

Nichole said...

Yea! Another Blogspot convert!

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