Thursday, December 27, 2007

"I have a strong psychic belief that the world will end on New Year's Eve."

OK, so I don't really believe the world will end on New Year's Eve. It'll probably go like it usually does:



And thus, the little sphere known as 2007 will end as I know it, and I'll never get it back. It certainly was an interesting year, and I'm grateful for (almost) every minute of it.

Something I saw in a friend's blog sparked this little reverie and it was fun to think about and remember.

So, here's my year 2007 in review:

~Top 10 Memorable Events~
1. starting grad school
2. finding out I was unexpectedly pregnant
3. experiencing an ectopic pregnancy
4. finally getting comfortable in my new job
5. creating a blog
6. dealing with migraine and tension headaches
7. monthly kayaking trips in the summer
8. going back to church
9. losing 16 pounds
10. visiting our 50th state

~10 Things I Learned to Do this Year~
1. find ways to relax
2. spend quiet time alone
3. use MS Word better
4. be more patient and try not to yell
5. see people for who they are and try to accept it
6. not stress out about things over which I have little or no control
7. not take on things that create more chaos in my life
8. give in and finally pursue things I like to do
9. put all my trust in God
10. try and enjoy each day

~Top 10 Favorite Foods~
1. celery with spreadable swiss cheese
2. thin-crust pizza
3. Oregano's toasted ravioli espanol
4. fresh papaya with banana slices
5. Amy's Organic frozen lunch stuff
6. Jamba Juice banana berry smoothie
7. Tortilla Land tortillas
8. Kashi Strawberry Fields cereal
9. sushi from AJ's Fine Foods
10. marinated thin-sliced chicken breasts

~10 Things I Discovered or Rediscovered this Year~
1. Heavenly Father really loves me
2. The church and gospel of Jesus Christ are true
3. I LOVE my husband
4. Family is what's really important
5. Time is passing faster and faster as I get older
6. I really like to write
7. I'm a full-on thirty-something ~ and it's weird
8. I don't want a career because I'm not supposed to be a "career woman"
9. God is so constantly and perfectly attentive to his children
10. Women are STRONG

~10 goals for 2008~
1. lose 16 more pounds by March-ish
2. get all my photos up to date, on discs, and in albums
3. finally become a Have in terms of being "in the family way"
4. write!!!
5. finish learning to play "Love is Spoken Here" on the piano, and then actually learn to play the piano
6. go to the T at least once a month
7. be a better friend
8. visit extended family more often
9. have FHE every week
10. cultivate in myself a more loving and positive disposition

Go ahead. Do one yourself. You know you want to. . .

[Title quote is from "Ghostbusters II"]


Jen said...

good top 10's! i loved it!

Caroline said...

this is genius. I love it.

Caroline said...

I just realized as I answered you, that you probably wouldn't look back at my comments so I thought I'd better answer over here. yes. Me and Jen have the same Dr. M. I LOVE him because he's fantastic...

Rusty Shelley Emma and Annabelle said...

What a year!!! You have been busy. I hope this next year is a little less busy. Have a great day.

iguana banana said...

Hi! Thanks for chiming in at Iguana Banana. Yep. Totally Scorpio - is it really that obvious? I keep forgetting how obvious it can be.
I love your top 10 lists. They are fabulous. I hope that you see how fabulous you life has been - a complete stranger is in complete awe!
I peaked at the Hawaii photos. Oooo. What a great time you two must have had.

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