Monday, December 31, 2007

"Pop quiz, hotshot."

Yesterday in church, one of the cheeky but sweet grandpas in our church came up to shake my hand and say "hi". The last time he'd done that was 4 weeks ago, at which time he told me that he had something to tell me and he would call us later to share.Fast forward to yesterday. I remembered in the morning that Brother grandpa was going to tell me something and wondered if he'd remember. He did. He came up to me and started with "Do you remember the last time I shook your hand?"

Me: "Yes"

Gpa: "I had the impression that there was something missing with the Fernandezes. You need to have a few bambinos"

Me: "We're working on it"

Gpa: "It's not supposed to be work"

Gpa's wife: "Just tell him it's none of his business!"

Turns out, he was concerned because he was also impressed that maybe there were some health problems. I relayed our experiences of early this year, and all four of us had a humorous little exchange in the hallway of the church before wishing each other a good Sunday and leaving.

I chuckled about that conversation for the rest of the afternoon.

But it did get me wondering. What must people think? I mean, we're more than sort-of an anomaly: LDS + married 8 years + no kids = ?!???. Do the math, then take the quiz at the top of the page. You can choose more than one answer if it suits.

[Title quote is from "Speed"]

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Jen said...

what a sweet grandpa! and very brave!! way to act on an impression!

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