Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Big deal! Every woman on the planet's a spy!"

Perhaps it IS true that all chicks have a little bit of a spy in them. Maybe that's why we like blogging. Maybe that's why we're known as gossips. What I'm talking about today, however, is actual spying.

With the new year and all, I've been interested in trying to contact loads of people from my past. In fact, I'm almost tempted to post a "Desperately Seeking. . . " list on my blog.

In my searches I actually found the blog of someone from my past. This person and I did not get along well. It's very hard for me to admit that. There aren't many people I don't get along with. That said, I completely realize I'm the type of person you either like or not - but that's more a matter of other people not getting along with me. As for me getting along with others - I'm usually pretty good at it. I'm usually pretty discerning and diplomatic and even compassionate when it comes to other people.

I can actually NAME the 4 people in my entire life so far that I haven't been like peas and carrots with. So, it has really irked me for years (about 9 to be exact) that I couldn't seem to get along with this person, despite the fact that I saw said person every day for more than a month and we were roommates. It ended badly. That's all I have to say about that.

So now I find myself, with Blogger as my accomplice, spying on this person. I'm poking around this person's blog, casing the joint, trying to find out inside information (like a Zodiac sign, maybe), looking for any clues that might help me understand just why it was we didn't get along. I guess I'm thinking if I can finally figure it out, maybe I can actually reveal myself and, I don't know, say something like "hey, what's up? it's me. how ya been?".

But, for the time being, I'm undercover. Maybe you have another approach?

[Title quote is from "Bad Company"]


Caroline said...

I had that same problem. Also with a former roommate. And then I spyed her on Myspace and I decided to say hello and pretend like nothing ever happened... I think she's done the same.

(Heck, it was how many years ago? I think you should just be all, hey what up? It's not like she's gonna punch you in the ovary...)

Jen said...

I think undercover rocks! unless they have a tracker on their blog and know that you keep checking! So maybe you should try the "hey, how's it goin'?" approach! good luck and keep us posted!!

trina said...

i think it's soo ok to do the undercover... she's probably been spyin on u too!! women are very curious creatures and i'm the queen! so u have to tell me who it is!

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