Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"We wasted the good surprise on you!"

A couple of Sundays ago we sat next to a couple in church that we don't know very well. After RS, the wife comes up to me and we strike up a short conversation while waiting for our husbands to get out of EQ (yes - it's reversed in our ward: we wait on the men).

So, I'm standing there talking to her and have no idea who she is, but I feel like I should know this. I had a vague idea, which ended up being way off. (Uh huh, that's reversed too: now I'm the one describing people to my husband and having him tell me who they are.)

Last Sunday, this gal and I start talking again while waiting on our men. I found out they've been married since April. She asks me the same age-old question. And I say, without hesitation - ok with a little hesitation, eight years.


"Wow! Eight years!?"

"Yep. Eight years. Almost nine."


Genuine shock, people. I've never seen anything like it regarding this question. I'm thinking she saw another childless couple and assumed we were newlyweds too. I'm so sorry to disappoint. . .

[Title quote is from "Big Daddy"]


The MomBabe said...

You need to have the mother of all sassy answers for that one. I'll brainstorm and get back to you...

Danielle said...

I'm also interested to hear this comeback when Caroline comes up with it. Surely, it'll be a good one.

I've been perusing through your blog and I'm always impressed by people who use big words. Or rather, am intimidated by them. But it's been an entertaining read. :)

How was the Birth book? (I just put it on hold at the library!) I love reading about stuff like that. Which is why I'm considered to be the crunchy granola freak of my family. As if.

Danielle said...

I've done well then. I've carefully deleted any mention of our last name anywhere on our blog. :)

A special request live? Totally clueless as to what that is. I do love to talk about diapers though. In my last post I linked to an oldie about why I loved them b/c a friend had asked. And there is an underground movement of cloth-diapering addicts. People that would go postal at even the thought of putting those nasty plastic sposies on their kids. Quite frankly, it's freaky.

I'm seriously considering a homebirth for our next one. At the moment, I'm a little too scared. But I fantasize about it. :P

Cloth-diapering is my only granola quirk that I flaunt on my blog. I'm afraid anything more would scare off any readers I may have.

The Scotts said...

Take it as a compliment that you look too young to be married 8 years!! Kids just put bag under your eyes!

The Halls said...

Believe it or not, i get the same kind of comments. People ask me, "are those your kids & how many do you have?" I say 5 kids and they say.....WOW!! I say "thanks!" cuz i know what they really meant to say, but stopped just shy of a complete sentence was "Wow, that's amazing! You've got great endurance!!!"
Maybe it's faith, anyway you're the best!

Danielle said...

There you go!! I think I answered all your questions. Enjoy.

Jonathan & Katherine Earl said...

Maybe she didn't mean that at all. Hmmm, I wonder, however, what it means that you interpreted it that way! Maybe I need to get you and M a Barry White CD, and Katherine can come make you a romantic dinner. Who will volunteer to supply Fernandez family with candles? C'mon people they need encouragement!

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