Monday, January 28, 2008

"Do me a favor. Next time your mind leaves, tell it to bring back a pizza."

Everything I've learned about myself I've learned from pizza. OK. Or at least everything I've learned about myself today. I learned:

1. I'm very susceptible to the power of suggestion! Some pizza joint came by with their menus and co-workers started talking about pizza. We haven't had take-out or bake-at-home pizza for ages. Hard to believe, I know, especially since it used to be a weekly staple for us. But, all of the sudden, pizza was on my dinner radar.

2. I'm so not a pizza aficionado! If Little Caesar's can make a pepperoni pizza cheaper, I'm there. That said, I do like me a white pizza from Barro's and thin crust veggie from Pizza Hut - with coupons. We also eat by the slice at Ray's sometimes. But I've also been known to eat Totino's (the dollar store version of pizza from Wal-Mart) back in our college days. I'm not a persnickety pie purist by any stretch.

3. I'm cheap! I will only pick up pizzas. Only once have I ever paid for delivery: we were on vacation, we were with friends, we succumbed to fatigue of body and mind, and we paid WAY too much!! I vowed never again! So, tonight I drove what felt like forever (8 miles roundtrip) to get my white pizza from Barro's.

Yay for Pizza!!!

[Title quote is from "Street Fighter"]


Jen said...

pizza rocks!

The MomBabe said...

I did delivery once.... never again. AND they forgot my 2-liter root beer and I, fabulous woman I am, made them go back and get it and finagled another free pizza too....

but the waiting still sucked.

The Scotts said...

I love pizza too! Have you tried BJ's pizza on Superstition Springs Blvd? It is good!

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