Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"You need binoculars, but were settling for glasses."

Ever heard the phrase "rose-colored glasses"?
The time has come to admit that I've had you in rose-colored glasses.
I've felt a little guilty about it and it's really time to fess up.

By the looks of it on my blog, Christmas was wonderful. Whoever said "a picture's worth a thousand words" was a liar.


A picture is a solitary, dying moment captured in stillness amidst a life speeding by in real time. Pictures hide a deluge of drama, and give only an excerpt from the whole story: the edited and condensed glimpse of reality you want people to see. That's why people (me included) want you to "get their good side" when you take their picture. Some pictures capture a moment in time that sets an unreachable standard for all future similar scenarios. You know in Garden State when Andrew says "It's like you get homesick for a place that doesn't exist"? Yeah, pictures can do that to you.

And, what of the pictures that aren't taken? Look out! That's where the real story is! And you don't need my rose-colored glasses (or my rosy hued Christmas pictures) to see it. Indeed, you need binoculars, maybe even a telescope or two.

[Title quote is (aptly) from "Deck the Halls"]


Caroline said...

So you're saying Christmas blows?

Nichole said...

Not Christmas itself, per se. Though there IS this nostalgic ideal that doesn't really exist but which we strive every year to achieve.

No, I'm talking particularly about Christmas '07. with my family. yup, that pretty much covers it.

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