Thursday, February 7, 2008

"I don’t need herbal enhancers to feel good about myself."

It may not be herbal enhancers I need, but apparently I'm in need of something. I'm feeling an overwhelming need to post today. There's a lot I want to say and I crave some creativity right now. But I just don't have it in me now that I'm standing center stage - I have a paralyzing case of stagefright. Plus, I'm feeling pressured by creative competition. Not me against "them". "Them" against me. And I'm losing the arm wrestle. I don't have the strength today. So, I'm running away to write in my journal. In private.

Stay tuned.

[Title quote is from "Napoleon Dynamite"]


The MomBabe said...

It's amazing how just writing it out can help so much....

and get up on that soapbox! I love a good argument/POV/whatever. ♥ !

Jen said...

as always you manage to entertain me. even though you weren't really trying! keep on postin!!

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