Sunday, February 24, 2008

"She will do great things!"

Yesterday was a lovely, if not long, day. M took about 600 pics of my sister's wedding, and I'll post a few soon. We also got to visit with M's brother. We've been reinvited to go visit them in LA, and will hopefully make plans for that soon. I just really want to travel. We're trying to figure out how we can get to CA, NY, and maybe a cruise sometime time this year. It all hinges on how soon M gets a job. He has a second phone interview (already had one phone interview and one in-person interview) with an IT company on Monday. So, ultimately "we'll see".

In the meantime, since I can't plan a trip (like I usually am doing this time of year), I was curious to find out where, exactly, I should plan to visit next. Here's the verdict:

I Belong in New York City

You Belong in New York City
You're the energetic, ambitious type.
And only NYC is fast enough for you.
Maybe you'll set yourself up with a killer career
Or simply take in all the city has to offer.

See? I'm meant to go to NYC this year!!! Ironic, isn't it, that I was already planning on it?

[Title quote is from "She's the Man"]


Jen said...

NY sounds fun! don't know when we will make it there but we are still hoping for a cruise this year. Eliott found a fun one for pretty cheap. make sure you let us know when you find one so we can do it w/ you if the timing works out!

The MomBabe said...

Ooh, I want to go to NY SO.BAD. We should make it a group trip.

Trina said...

We want to go so bad and benny has family there also, can't wait! Sometimes I think about how awesome it would be to move there! (Outside the city, of course)

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