Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it!"

It's Christmas come early!!

A while back Apple posed this challenge on her blog:

You have been given $250 to spend on yourself any way you want with the stipulation that you have to buy at LEAST five DIFFERENT things. In your blog, write about what five items you will buy, how m
uch they are and if possible, provide a link AND a picture of each item (because we like to shop too, you know...) Afterwards, challenge your readers to do the same thing. Make sure you come back here and leave me a comment so that I can stop by and see what you "bought" for yourself!

So. Here's what I "bought":

I cook with recipes, and I've been eyeing this recipe book holder FOREVER:

Cost: $29.95 on Amazon plus shipping - Total of about $38.00

When I get a haircut, I always pick a cut out of a magazine and take it in and show it to the stylist. My mom's cousins own a great shop in Gilbert (Total Bliss on Guadalupe and McQueen) and they've always done a great job. These are the cuts I'd consider in this heat:

Then again, I do like the option of pulling it all back in a pony when I run. . . so. . .

Cost: $50.00 including tip

We're prepping for a trip in October and I need a money belt. So, I'd probably buy this one, since it's silk and got good reviews.

Cost: $12.95 from Amazon plus shipping - Total of about $17.00

While I'm at it, I'll also get some new luggage & stuff:

Cost: $99.95 + $17.95 from Amazon plus shipping - Total of about $133.00

And just enough left over for this:

A white pizza from Barro's. Cost: about $12.00

Total time shopping: 15 minutes, including "checkout" and payment - plus not a drop of gas wasted! Haircut: 1 hour. Pizza ready for carry out: 20 minutes.

(Can you tell I shop a lot online? It's a dangerous world we live in!)


[Title quote is from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"]


Kimberly said...

I'd buy myself an elliptical.

Oh wait...then I'd need a new wardrobe. Dang.

heather said...

Considering my birthday is right around the corner -I should definitely do this!

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