Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"What's the dealio, yo?"

L.A. was fun.
Traffic sucked.
Which is why we'll never move there.
Still haven't downloaded pictures.
Too tired. Feeling yucky.
So, hang tight. Might not be this week.

Things from the weekend are spinning in my head.
Wrote about them in my journal on the return flight.
And there they sit still.
Here's hoping they'll come here to visit.
'Cause there's some things I need some help with.
Help from all you loverly folks.

Have way way too much to do.
But no energy to do it.
Slept all day. Well, most of it.
They'll all be there tomorrow.
But then the week's almost over.

My two most recent post titles are quotes from Zoolander.
Not sure what this means.
Perhaps I need more humor in my life.

But not sleepy.
TV's boring.
No new blogs.
Plus no energy.
Can't even read.


Salena said...

I got a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS. It was 230 at Best Buy. I think they are 250 at Target. It's pretty user friendly, too. I got a Nikon and then took it back cause I just didnt like it too much.

I hate it when you get in a mood where you just arent in the mood for anything! Also, I love how you quote a movie every post! I used to do it alot with 'the office' quotes when I blogged on myspace back in the day. It makes it more fun:)

Jen said...

you need some cheering up! If I lived by you I would come steal you and we would go to jamba or something! but I don't! so sad!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like time for a good veg session!

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