Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"You are a dirty little fun-haver."

A couple of weekends ago,
after walking at a nearly break-neck pace,
and walking up and up and up spiral, winding ramps,

I walked up

So that

Could see



Because football is a foreign language to me,
I was more excited about

But I guess we'll have to move to the south,
because that's where drumlines rule
And up here, drumlines just don't know
what it's all about.
And I love drumlines.
Here's a good drum battle. . . Of course, it's from the movie "Drumline".
It was a good weekend.
I got to wake up next to M all weekend long
which is special
'cause it rarely happens when we're working.

AND I got to hang out with M
all day every day
even though he's doing a lot of

[Title quote is from "Failure to Launch"]


Kristine said...

You have been a "dirty little fun-haver" What we won't do for love. I aggree with you on the drum line part. Always get me going. Have you ever seen the movie Drumline...at least thats what I think its called. The acting is ok but the drum stuff is WAY cool.

Michelle said...

Look at all those people! How fun!! It's the everyday experiences isn't it? I know i've learn to find the humor in everything! Lova ya girl!

Jen said...

very fun! and cute post! I am glad you got to spend some time w/ M!

Cindy said...

I think this is my favorite DooBee post ever.

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