Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Just do it or I'll light my hair on fire and start punching myself in the face! That probably wasn't the best way to get make myself clear, was it?"

It's Saturday morning.

I wake up and realize my husband "let me sleep" when he left for an early-morning fishing trip. Which means he did not kiss me goodbye. And he has no cell reception for me to be able to make him feel guilty about it.

I put on my Big Band CD instead of the TV, in hopes that I'll not get stuck on the couch and that I'll clean instead. I get stuck on the couch blogging and listening to the music instead.

I finally feed the dogs. I scald the milk I'm heating for Cream of Wheat to feed myself. I decide "scald" is a nice way of saying I burned it. I ate it anyway.

I see that M re-covered the small loaf of pumpkin bread my visiting teachers left on our front porch for me, remember that I had left it uncovered, and I smile that he did this small thing for me.

I nominate myself for a spotlight over at Mormon Mommy Blogs. Because I need a push.

I laugh my head off at a very funny birth story I found online. Tears and everything.

I feel a little sad that I'm 32. Tears and everything. (Where did that even come from!?)

I start making a mental list of things I'm thankful for so I can do a "Thanksgiving" post.

I blog a little blog about my day so far and decide I have to turn this Big Band CD off, get something a little more. . . frenetic, and get my rear off this loveseat (though I do love the propped up feet at the end of it) and start cleaning my house.

[Title quote is from "Spanglish"]

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Kristine said...

that was a very funny birth story. So is your house clean? wanna come do mine?

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