Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Could've been worse."

There are too many moments that coulda been worse.
Today was full of them.
Including the part where I was loading the dishwasher
and my right ring finger got caught on my
vegetable slicer, pulling it up and out of the rack.
I tried not to panic as it started to bleed
a lot
I stuck it under "cold" water
all the while calling for M, who was outside watering his sunflowers
and couldn't hear me so
I spun the paper towel roll
and ran to the door, calling him to come inside as soon as possible
mostly so I could work on holding myself together
while he inspected the severity.
The verdict: not hospital worthy, since the bleeding was slowing
but what I thought was a half moon gouge
through my fingernail into the nail bed
is actually
nearly 3/4 of my fingernail sliced clean through to the nailbed
it's gonna hurt tomorrow
and I'm gonna need some more bandaids to keep it nice and soft
but it coulda been so much worse
[Title quote is from "Fantastic Four"]


Jen said...

so. close. to. vomiting. right. now.
that is so ouch!! i do not handle those things well at all!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry! It seems that when i was pregnant i was more vulnerable to Everything too!!! Hang in there!

Trina said...

omg... I, that's right me! had to stop reading cuz of the heebie jeebies! hope it heals quick.

Jonathan and Katherine Earl said...

Andrew would maintain that the best bandaids are the ones with Nemo on them that are tattoo-style bandaids. He would also tell you that kisses make all ouchies better. A few weeks ago, Andrew tripped on a shoe and when head first into the mantle. I was feeding Carson, so it took me a minute to put him down and get over to Andrew...he had a rapidly growning goose-egg, but not much bleeding. I convinced him to hold some ice on it while I collected myself and rocked him in my arms. After a few minutes, I looked at it...just a scratch. It could have been MUCH worse! He still asks for kisses on it some mornings. I'm glad you are OK.

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