Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I guess I just like that story and it has that great meow ending."

Because I can, here is my childbirth story:

I went into labor on the afternoon of Sunday November 8th. We moseyed around until my contractions were regularly 4 minutes apart. Then we left the house around 7:00 p.m., picked up smoothies and a burrito (for M, since I hate throwing up and did not want Rubios to be the thing I threw up in the event that labor induced that reaction). We checked into the hospital an hour later, where it was discovered I was 5 cm.

It was also quickly discovered that I had high blood pressure (which had been fine/normal at my routine appointment just 3 days earlier). So, on to magnesium I went, doctor's orders. Which, of course, brought the side effect of slowing down my labor. My contractions became slightly less intense and slowed down to around 7 minutes apart. Despite that, I continued to dilate. So, on to Pitocin I went.

Because of the magnesium and its side effect of dizziness/drowsiness, I was not able to walk around or even be out of bed much. Finally, I got an angel of a nurse who let me get out of bed and get on a birth ball and change positions to try to get the baby rotated. I'm convinced this is when my water broke and soon I was at 7 cm.

The baby was still not descending, so they put a catheter in to measure the strength of my contractions, which were determined to not be strong enough to get the job done, even with the Pitocin. I was at 8 cm and having really strong back labor when the doc said we'd have to up the Pit. I opted for the epidural. It wasn't nearly as scary or painful as I expected. In fact, once it took effect, my exact words were "that's like ice cream!" And so it was.

Up went the Pit, my contractions intensified, and before long I was fully dilated and ready to do the dirty work.

I should interject here that by that time, both M and I had been up for over 24 hours. I have never been more delirious or tired in my life. M was also nasty sick and spent much of my labor lying down on the fold out couch. Thank goodness for our moms who stood in for him.

M rallied for the latter half of the pushing phase and it was his voice that was my guiding light during that time.

C was born just before noon. I cried. M cried.

Then, I hemorrhaged. My doc was awesome and got it under control pretty quickly. I held my baby for the first time - which I have absolutely no recollection of, probably due to the fact that my blood pressure dropped so low the nurses couldn't get a reading from the cuff. They tried to draw blood and couldn't, despite trying to draw it out with a syringe. It was clotting in the tube, that's how low my blood pressure was.

Finally, it got back to normal and I was able to go to recovery, where I was re-catheterized because I was so swollen. (That hurt worse than my worst back labor, let me tell ya!)

M was so sick he spent the first night at his parents and the second night at home, and didn't even hold the baby until his 3rd day of life - and then only when he was wearing a face mask.

Despite how bad the experience might sound, it was totally not that bad. I had a wonderful pregnancy, went into labor on my own, labored without pain meds until I was 8 cm, and had a healthy and happy outcome. I immediately said I'd do it again a couple more times.

That is, until the sleep deprivation caught up with me and got even worse during that first week. That level of zombification with a newborn convinced me that one more time would be good enough.

Thankfully, two weeks later, we've hit our groove and are feeling better in the sleep department. Don't get me wrong. We're still exhausted. Just less than I was that first week.

Oh, but I have forbidden M from getting sick next time around. The nurse who helped with my delivery said I should be able to go natural next time, and I'm counting on M to help me through it.

For now, I have a hungry baby to attend to.

[Title quote is from "The House Bunny"]


Danielle said...

I love birth stories! I'm so sorry M was sick! But I'm glad to hear that everyone is feeling better and finally get a bit of rest!

Trina said...

soo wish i coulda been there! maybe next time? lol!

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