Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"It has made me do some crazy things. Like ... paint my room, and hang pictures on the walls."

If you're tuning in from Google Reader, you should really make a personal visit sometime soon.

I've changed things around.

Actually, I went to MomBabe (aka Caroline B) and begged her like this:

"Hey! Love what you did with Sue's digs! For a while now, I've been secretly blurking designers' sites for blogs I like, but I have trust issues. Then, voila, you pop up with your designs and I think to myself "yea! you KNOW this person!"

Then I thought about contacting you and begging for a deal. You know: "what can you do for a friend-slash-former-neighbor-slash-person-who-didn't-even-know-you-did-this-sort-of-thing-for-cash?" and hoping you'd overlook that last item the way Monica did with Rachel on Friends. I could always plead fatigue-induced insanity. Or cite that I've been under a rock caring for my new baby. . .

My lapse of paying attention aside, and in all seriousness, do you think you could work with me? My blog needs a makeover! And a pretty one, stat!"

She was all "I could definitely help you out. Go here and fill out the contact form so that I have a good starting point, m'kay?"

Then, she whipped up a wonder in like no-time-flat and asked me what I thought. And I was all "I know nothing of blog design and bow to you, oh holy blog designer. . .

I asked for second opinions. “The car is throwing me off”, they said. “It needs more colors. And also flowers. And maybe some bird silhouettes” they said. Can we maybe do a mini-me caricature leaning next to that cool sign instead of the car? Or some flowers or birds?

Because I know nothing of blog design, and duly told them so, I don’t know how much time and energy you’ve already dedicated to making my blog fabulous. And since I came to you begging, I don’t want to nitpick."

And she was all "Okay, car is gone. girl and birds have been inserted."

And then I asked her to change the background color and she did and my fans and critics (aka second-opinioners) were all "I like it so much!"

So, if you're looking for someone to haul over your blog and make it fabulous, you should go to her site, take a look around and get her button! Better yet, hire her to make your blog fabulous, too! Because, really, the world could use more pretty blogs!

Custom blog designs by Caroline

[Title quote is from "The Perfect Man"]

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Trina said...

sorry i didnt' respond to ur email but i like the new design... minus the car was a good idea.

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