Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"You know where you are with an honest pair of socks."

Yesterday morning, on my 7-minute commute, I was thinking about a recent conversation with a friend. We were standing in the Coach store at Chandler Fashion Center contemplating the high cost of purse fashion. She said “I can’t explain it. I’ve just always wanted one.”

I can relate. Sort of. In my teens I used to save my hard-earned fast-food-working money for a new pair of LA Gears or Nikes, and I valued my (hand-me-down) Guess jeans above all else.

So, I gave her a “get out of jail free card” and we decided that some people want Coach bags the way others want a pair of Lucky brand jeans, or a Rolex, or a Mercedes, or . . .

I was thinking about this as I drove northward from my house and I thought to myself “I don’t want any of those things. What do I want?” It’s a question that plagues me. And my failure to come up with an answer drives my husband nuts when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. So, I rephrased the question: “Is there anything that I’ve always wanted?” My mind sifted the possibilities: car? clothes? jewelry? expensive perfume?

Ultimately, I decided that I have everything I’ve always wanted. I have a beautiful little family, a nice house, the ability to travel, my health. . . .

And as I thought about this, tears came to my eyes.

I have everything I’ve always wanted. I have it! Right now!

More tears, and then. . .

That’s AWEsome

[Title quote is from "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day"]

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Jen said...

that IS awesome! way awesome!! I love it when you find yourself in that place!!

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