Monday, May 24, 2010

"Wow, this was really good food! I hope it doesn’t go straight to my butt."

I give up, and like Brittney, am calling an audible and giving in to the randomness that is spinning around my dazey head.

Here goes:

o I have a sore throat pretty much all the time. No, it is not because of allergies. Unless, of course, my body is allergic to the huge sleep vacuum associated with mommyhood. In which case, it totally is allergies. Either way, it’s what my body defaults to in the face of soul sucking sleep-deprivation.

o Speaking of sucking, it is the sign of a kindred tired and sickly mind (hubs’) that he would like to attach a vacuum hose to the top of our house and hold down everything we would like to keep (I imagine sort of Twister-ishly) and everything else we don’t want, the recent gnat infestation especially (oh! and piles of junk mail), could just be sucked away.

o Our 6 month old has the coolest personality of any baby I’ve ever met. He can self-occupy for large quantities of time, which, in my book, is pretty freakin’ awesome. Especially when Life calls up and demands you play your husband’s favorite game of Catch Up on Grad School, which means helping write 3 term papers in 3 days.

o I looked around my house this morning and went “oh yeah. I remember this.” It looks the same as when we were in undergrad, trying feverishly to finish up and graduate. Except now we have 1500+ square feet –a veritable plethora of space for various and sundry crap to go off and multiply and replenish my house. (December, where are you??)

o Sometimes I wonder if I’ll be one of those moms who is skinnier AC than I was BC (after children/before children)? I fantasize about it, which means it probably won’t happen. (After all, naps don’t ever just materialize out of thin air, and I fantasize about them daily. . . ) Either way, I got “you’re getting skinny!” two times in two days last week. Which makes me simultaneously beam and wonder how fat I’ve been.

o OK, Arizona, is it summer/winter/summer/spring? No really. I give up!

o Maybe someday Brittney and I really will meet up vis-à-vis at the zoo. Preferably during a time when Arizona is less bipolar and has on her spring frame of mind. After all, I met Danielle at church after years of being bloggy friends and it was only half as awkward as I thought it might be. (Love you, D! P.S. Can I come swim in your pool, say July-ish, when Arizona has her summer face on?)

o The golden rule is really a very good rule. I wish more people, before acting, would allow in their noggins the thought of “how would I feel if someone did to me what I’m about to do?” Try it. Seriously. I’ve done way less stupid/ inconsiderate things lately. Like waiting to back up when people are walking behind my vehicle. Or fighting the temptation to just not show up when I’m expected somewhere.

o Along with “goosfraba” and “it won’t always be like this,” my other motto lately is “be the change you want to see in your world”. For instance, I was almost ready to get my hair chopped when my cut was interrupted by a call telling me about the accident. So, I decided to just spend the time on my existing cut that I would spend on a new cut, and maybe just maybe my hair might turn out to be just fine the way it is? It did. Then, I wanted an elliptical. Or time/energy to run. Neither of which is on the horizon, so I spend the time I would otherwise be elliptical-ing or running doing reverse crunches or squats. Why wait for that elusive thing to come your way when you can make things happen all by your onesy, is all I’m saying.

o Man I’m freakin’ tired! Too tired to go on with this random listlessness. And it’s only Monday. Which, I gotta say, doesn’t look at that great from this angle. (Monday must have her fat-pants on . . . ) But, boy, is Life good to me. My name is Nichole. I signed up for this job. And I love it!

[Title quote is from "The House Bunny"]


Danielle said...

awkward? AWKWARD? jk! Of course you can come over and swim anytime!

Katherine Earl said...

You've expressed some of my very own thoughts exactly! Others are things I should be thinking about or doing. Good luck on the grad school papers. My miracle for today is both boys are napping at the same time! I whole-heartedly agree about the weather making up its mind...we had snow yesterday and tomorrow is supposed to be mid-70's.

Heather said...

Hi Nichole,
Loved this post, and the reminder a few days ago that the joy is in the journey. I pretty much forget that daily.

Hope you can get some sleep. The tired phase seems to just make life a blur.

Have a good Wednesday.


Trina said...

ok, i didn't comment much but now i'm caught up... now on to the 'other you'.

The Sartori's said...

you are the second person today that I have discovered blog stalks my randomness and repeats it.

My head is freaking gigantic right now.

And I love it, mostly the whole life sucking sleep deprivation because for the first time in my mommydom, I'm there. I never knew why people were so tired. My children have always slept and I wasn't tired. But now Boston wakes up early and I have to get up with him so he can go potty and I'm thinking potty training was stupid and he should still be wearing diapers so he can play in his room for at least an hour and I can get some more sleep.

But instead I thought it a good idea to potty train. And now I think I"m done having kids because I am just that tired. ;0)

Maybe one day I'll post when I'm going to be at the zoo and by total randomness you might just be there and it won't be awkward. And maybe one day I'll be taller and look younger too.

Someday Nichole, someday...

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