Friday, April 30, 2010

"Can you hear me in the back? Hello?"

Did you know that January 10, 2010 was National Delurking Day? Did you know I missed it?

I was trying to bide my time, pacing the proverbial blog pavement, waiting around for Delurking Day 2011. My plan was good for a while. I’ve determined I’ll never be blogfamous (I made that word up - think “infamous” via blog), which is fine with me, since I’ve mostly convinced myself that I’m doing this for posterity’s sake anyway. Someday, when sites like Blog2Print or Lulu or Blurb let me print my blog without truncating my post titles or without my having to call tech support for technical difficulties, I’ll print volumes of my electronic history. (Any of you had success with printing your own blog book?)

Still, I see you come and go (boy this sounds familiar!) with nary a “hi”. It’s OK. Really. I do the same to you, I know. And I also know that it’s not because we’re lazy. It’s a classic case of what-are-we-going-to-say syndrome – you know, where you read something and feel or think something but your brain fails to come up with anything remotely interesting that would add to the conversation? I’ve totally been there. In fact, I think I live there. (And you’re my neighbor!)

Alas, it’s time for us to move. We can do it together! I’ll start. (raises right arm): I, Nichole, promise I will be better at commenting on the blogs I read on a regular basis.

(big sigh) There!

OK. Your turn. . .

[Title quote is from "The Usual Suspects"]


Jen said...

I jen, usually comment on your blog but promise to be better on others!!
I love your posts they always make me smile/laugh!!

Miranda said...

You hit the nail on the head! LOL!

Katherine Earl said...

OK. I will do better at saying "Hi" instead of just dropping by to peek at your blog without saying anything.

Trina said...

i love to comment even if it is not the least bit clever. however, i am reading your blog(s) for the first time since mid april and cannot seem to keep up on commenting because you, my dear, have decided to pick back up on your blogging at warp speed. i, trina, vow to come back as often as i once did because you are just that clever.

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