Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Why don't you do something out of the house this weekend?"

I have a twitch in my right eye. On a Tuesday that feels like a Monday, which I suppose is better than a Thursday masquerading as a Friday. I have a hammer pounding at the front of my head, trying to escape from the inside out.

When you wake up feeling like I do today, you start to wonder if maybe 3 day weekends should be outlawed. We made an earnest attempt at holiday weekend travels. We drove 2 hours north by northeast, a canoe strapped atop the truck, the truck bed filled with supplies.

We did not count on leaving so late. We did not count on having to stop eleventy times for canoe strap adjustment, gas/ice, canoe seat removal, etc. We did not count on there being so many people at the lake. We did not count on the intense sun mingling with the cold wind, creating bipolar weather conditions. We did not count on me losing my traveling bearings and packing a pisspoor daybag that left our baby’s warm clothing in the truck. (as it was, M had to go back to the truck 3 times – for our Keens, hotdogs, and sun hats – before we even launched from the shore. . . ) We did not count on the canoe being so heavy at the back end that I had to have help from a kindly stranger, each of us with a baby on our hips, to carry the canoe down the boat launch. We did not count on having to haul a canoe up the stairs to our second floor hotel room for safe overnight storage, again requiring the help of a stranger from a neighboring room. We did not count on a baby throwing up all over our hotel bed, then all over my front and my left hip and leg because of his awesome sprinkler head action. We did not count on having to wash puked on nursing tops in the bathroom sink, with only shampoo for detergent. We did not count on being so incredibly late to bed. We did not count on being worried over how to keep breastmilk stored at appropriately subzero temps. We did not count on there being even more people on the lake the next day. We did not count on the baby throwing up again that afternoon, this time all over the backseat of the truck (and a little on my pant leg). We didn’t count on not leaving the house at all on the actual holiday itself. We didn’t count on being so freakin’ worn out from a 2 day journey!

We’re probably a little worse for the wear. (We didn’t count on that either!)

I’m vowing, right here and now, that I will not be traveling north by northeast (or anywhere else for that matter) over either of the 2 remaining “summer” holidays. . . no way, no how - cross my heart and spit-shake on it!

[Title quote is from "Hot Tub Time Machine"]


Anonymous said...

Geez, sounds like a great time. LOL

The Sartori's said...

this is why there is no such thing as a vacation with a child. It is still work even if you had had fun.

I wish I had someone to take my kids overnight so I could go on a real relaxing get away. Maybe in about 15 years

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