Thursday, August 5, 2010

"I confess that I have no desire to confess."

{also written before my tech fast. . . pulled out some old "drafts" and dusted them off. . .}

I tried not to place this post too close to mother’s day, because, after all, what mom would want to read such things right after you told them what a good job they did? Plus, I know it’ll piss my mom off, or at the very least make her go “whyyoulittle…!”, which one does not want to do on (or before) that most important of mom days. (p.s. Hi mom!)

Even so, here are some True Confessions I never told my mom (or dad) about:

- We used to be on the “free lunch” program in school. In high school, this was not en vogue. That and I wanted more variety. But my dad insisted on me having that little pink card punched each day (even though it was my own money I was spending otherwise). So, I would eat wherever and whatever I wanted and take the card to work with me and date stamp it there. When my dad wanted to see the cards, I was always paranoid that he would see there was a difference in the stamps and call me on it. That’s the kind of fear only a dad can evoke. But, I was never caught and we all lived ignorantly after.

- I have never, in fact, seen the movie Speed. Even though I told my parents that's where I was going one Saturday night when I was 17. Then, later, when we went to the drive-in movies as a family and watched a movie I had already seen, I watched Speed on another screen (without sound, of course) just in case my dad ever suspected me and asked me any questions about it. What was I doing instead of watching the movie, you ask? M and I went parking (you know, parking) up on Hawes north of McDowell, where the road used to turn to dirt and be all dark and overlook the city. True story.

What are some things you did as a teenager that you never told your parent about?

[Title quote is from "Gran Torino"]


Danielle said...

This post is hilariously awesome. There a few stupid things I did in high school (and college!) that will never be confessed. :P

Miranda said...

lol! Don't worry- those are mostly innocent things. Mom knows about my more less innocent 'secrets' and she's okay with them. That's why she's the best mom ever!!

mom said...

you are an angel compared to me. I was rotten maybe thats why I paid for it with your brother, some of the stuff he did will scare the socks off you. I love you.

The Sartori's said...

I totalled my friend's sister's car.

I was 15.

My parents still don't know.

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