Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"You think there are men in this country who ain't seen your bosoms?"

{relax! this was written before my tech fast. . . }

Once, during a full moon, I bit my tongue and fidgeted and sighed exasperatedly and pointed annoyed looks at my husband and stirred up the anger in my belly until finally I burst and snapped a snarky/rude comment and ran off to my room and slammed the door. The source of my dramatic discontent? My (poor) friend, unaware of my strict rule about No Talking During Movies, had been talking during the movie. More than once.

I laugh at this now (hope you do too J!), particularly because I’m pretty sure I haven’t watched an uninterrupted movie since C was born. Movies around these parts are now watched either in fits and starts after baby is asleep, or with very divided attention while I ensure baby’s not getting bonked on the head or electrocuted, or I catch a beginning or an end here and there before I have to rush off to wash a baby butt or feed a baby mouth.

While it’s a very sad state of affairs for such a movie lover as me, it makes me feel a little sheepish about taking movie watching so seriously. Did it really matter that much?

(Um, yeah. Kind of.)

I’d give my left arm to watch a movie all the way through. Seriously, I don't understand why on earth we even have a Blockbuster account. What a waste! Books left unread are one thing. But Movies left unwatched? I’m pretty sure that’s considered a criminal act somewhere or other. (But I’m still sorry for throwing such a fit about it.)

(By the way, J, I still think you saw my left boob that one time on vacation when we got pummeled by that wave and my top got pushed down . . . ) (just sayin’) (maybe we are even?)

[Title quote is from "A League of Their Own"]

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Jen said...

that is hilarious!! and i am glad you pointed out that this was written before your fast cuz i was gonna say...

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