Monday, August 16, 2010

"I wouldn't presume to tell you what to do with your past, sir. Just know that there are those of us who care about what you do with your future."

POST-FAST: On Sunday afternoon, I break my fast. I pull the laptop over my lap and step up to the edge and stick my toe in to test the water. First, I check my e-mail. Mostly junk (plus 230-odd actual junk e-mails), but a few blog comments and FB notifications make me smile. Someone did say that the e-world wasn’t the same without me, after all! Later, I check FB for a few minutes. Still later, I look at my Google reader. It overwhelms me. There’s way too much there and it looks much the way an inbox at work looks upon return from a leave of absence, only slightly more organized.

On Monday, I check FB and e-mail in the morning. And again in the evening. Then, as I help with a school paper (the inevitable fallout of ditching it on Saturday), in a quiet moment while M is thinking, I quickly prune my Google reader. I take out the blogs that take up space. Delete! The ones I don’t read. Delete! The ones that overwhelm me because of the frequency of the posts. Delete! In the late evening, when the house has gone quiet and dark, I read a couple of blogs.

The result of all this? I still don’t know how to strike a balance. It’s something I’m still giving a lot of thought to. It’s something I know I’ve got to get a handle on. I’m considering limiting internet use during my kid’s waking hours to only what is absolutely necessary, and leaving blogging for when he’s asleep. I’m considering other options too, like a daily list or like only checking my e-mails every other day and checking FB only once or twice a week. Already I feel the internet has disrupted the delicate balance I managed to gain without it last week.

What do you think? Are there any guidelines you follow when balancing blogging with family?

[Title quote is from "Batman Begins"]

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The Sartori's said...

my goal has always been to only be online during sleeping times. Then I get behind and have to spend two solid days online to avoid missing a deadline.

It is hard balance and i have yet to find it. I am doing better, and have done better since Isla came. I just don't the time to dink. I get on, work, and get off. I inevitably have to get on to find an address or a number though. I need to get a phonebook.

I haven't died when we didn't have wifi. I just think I will. It gives me the shakes.

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