Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Get on the horn to British Intelligence and let them know about this."

Recently, I walked away from my Faboo life. (Like that? It’s my new acronym for Facebook – like Taboo with an “F”. Get it?) I needed to a little Friendly clean up, separate the passing acquaintances from all the others. Also, remember that whole tech fast thing? The internet has it’s uses (like searching for convertible carseats and Rasta gear), but can be a huge time suck. I’m still trying to strike a balance.

Apparently, judging from the cobwebs gathering at the corners of my blogs, the Faboo incident happened just after I surrendered my seat at the International House of Google (IHOG. Get it?), stepped out the door and fell into oblivion. Go figure. Let that be a lesson. . .

What have I been doing instead, is what you might be asking?

I keep busy chasing down a suddenly grabby 10-month old and throwing him in the air to keep him from swiping everything in sight or doing tricep curls with him /placing him within teasing range of being able to grab the pictures on the wall or the ugly vertical blinds pretending to cover our windows. The increasing purposeful-ness of that kid is his most amazing trait right now. Why is it some kids get like that right before they start walking? Scary, is what that is, if not frustratingly so.

Add to that the fact that our internet service has gone down twice, complete with two service calls, and culminating in the news that it was bad network card that had several city blocks having the same service interruptions. . . and well, you can see where I started having trouble keeping up.

Then there was the general malaise of the week of September 13th, followed by a quick beach trip-slash-practice flight with a kid, whereupon I learned that traveling with kids is so very different than I ever expected. For instance, I found myself publicly scolding my husband for listening to the TSA who pointed him in a direction that led him to getting separated from me at the scanners, leaving me with the baby and all the baby gear then laughing as he coasted through security and I stood there dealing with the dilemma that is a stroller, a carseat and breastmilk, oh my! I made him pinky swear he won’t do that when we travel by air again in 3 months, and made him repeat the mantra “I will stay with my wife” three times just to make sure we’re on the same travel page.

Since the malaise passed, the trip ended, the internet repairman came over, and we’ve settled back into real life (i.e. walked back into that guilded cage we like to call “graduate school”), I’ve been working on perfecting my chaturanga pose. And other poses, too. I’m such a novice, but I really love the results, so forcing myself to do yoga with a menstrual migraine officially gets an “A” for effort last week.

I’ve also been lamenting the supervisory function part of my job and have thanked the work-from-home stars above that last week was only a 3-dayer in-office for me. More than that may have found me. . . still employed (hello, economy!), but perhaps less contentedly so (that’s me pretending I don’t daydream about being a SAHM at least once a week). This week on the other hand . . .

Next up?

Well, the biggest thing is Fall. Which means? More running. (happy face!) More schoolwork. (sad face!) More hanging out with the hub and the bug. (happy face again!) (See, it all balances out!) Oh, and the Duggars are engaging in mind control, so I’m really contemplating a clean out of my dvds and skimming the praiseworthy from the trash. (Houston, we have a life-theme for fall!)

But, if it weren't for those Duggars, I wouldn't have known how to put an infant seat over an umbrella stroller whilst traveling. See? I learn so much from reality television! (Like how to crack open eggs with a fork - courtesy of Tori Spelling...)

What’s keeping you busy?

[Title quote is from "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"]


The Author said...

I was sad when I saw you left facebook and I stalkerishly noticed within hours and then searched it to see if you *gasp* just dumped me or actually really left.

I don't have issues. Really I don't.

I have been seriously considering the same. It is such a time suck and kills me and could be why I am 40 posts behind just two hours from my deadline that I am never going to make.

If it werent' for my work page where I can get help from my co-telecommuters it would really be easier to leave.

You inspire me though.

I hope to see more action on your blog now that you've left so I can keep stalking. I finally started another one, because I don't have enough to write already.

The Author said...

I guess I should tell you it's Brittney since I have changed my identity to protect the wee ones in the future

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