Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Okay, now everybody grab an exit buddy. Do you have your exit buddy?"

"Happy Anniversary!" I said into the phone.

"Happy Anniversary. . . " came the hesitant response, followed by "but our anniversary isn't until tomorrow."


"Today's only the 22nd."

"Oh crap! Well. . . better early than late!"

And then, the next morning, I found an e-mail in my Inbox from M that said, among other things: "Eleven Years! Wow, it doesn't feel like it sounds, it actually only feels like a couple of years. . . It's pretty awesome to be able to tell people that I have been married to you happily for 11 years. I look forward to eternity with you and our family if its going to continue to be this good."

Later in the day, I sent a text to that man: "I love you more than I can say! I'm so happy to have been your wife these last 11 years, and look forward to at least eleventy one more!"

Happy Anniversary to us!

[Title quote is from "Finding Nemo"]


Katherine Earl said...

Ditto! and Congratulations!

The Sartori's said...

oh that is so sweet. What a loving hubby. It may or may not have made me tear up.

And don't feel bad. I full on forgot ours. It was on teh 16th. I asked Andy if he had plans for Thurs. He told me no what do you want to do. I told them I was going to go out with a friend. He says.. On our anniversary?


Yup. I'm that lame.

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