Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive."

Standing at my bathroom sink, thinking about the conversation of the previous evening, I started laughing.

As we do most nights after his bath, the Bug and I were watching his Playing for Change dvd. It captures his attention literally like nothing else and he's pretty much transfixed for the entire length of the dvd. He even claps at the end.

On this particular evening, M joined us in our nightly viewing.

M: I think Tula is pretty!
N: Yeah. But I bet she is wicked short.
M: She's like the epitome of what guys think a woman should look like. Except she needs blonde hair.
N: Yeah, but she's probably really short. Look at her. And she's kind of the only main female on the dvd.
M: Whatever. She's pretty!
N: You're crazy.
M: Well, there's your guy! Noel. With his white teeth!
N: It's just that his teeth are so white! And he has blonde hair.

And here's the comedy of it all that had me chuckling to myself in the bathroom the following morning:

A. I had told M days before about my crush on Noel. NO reaction.
B. M revealed his Tula crush (and how much he likes that name - but perhaps never to use it on a child of his own) and I immediately proceeded to pick his choice apart limb from limb.
C. My husband deftly and smartly sidesteps {ignores} my barbs (because - hello! - I'm pretty short myself and who wants to step into that deathtrap?).
D. Apparently my husband has a "type"?
E. What he doesn't know is I only have a crush on Noel on that particular dvd, not in real life. In much the same way that I really ♥ Legolas and Will Turner, but not so much Orlando Bloom.
F. What I know is that my husband still likes Tula. (The woman, not necessarily the name.)
G. I also know, in the same way he knows to avoid trigger words like "short", that his like will soon fade into the hitheryon never to be heard from again.

And that, folks, is what happens when you've been married for (just about) 11 years!

[Title quote is from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"]

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Jen said...

i love being able to have those conversations w/ somebody you have been married to for (just about) 11 years!!

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