Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Don’t go accusing me of thinking! I am not doing anything of the sort."

The thing about January is that despite its chilly pomposity and icy stare, its internal sundial surreptitiously leans ever so subtly and hopefully toward spring.

The thing about Newly Minted Years is that they feel like the warm side of a blanket, wrapping you up in possibility and optimism.

The thing about Resolutions is that their diction is entirely too haughty and vacuous to ever be taken seriously; I much prefer their more down-to-earth cousins: Goals.

The thing about Running is that the morning after is usually awash in confusion and you’re left swimming in elation (of mind), annihilation (of body), and contemplation (in which your mind tries to figure whether your body will look like a stuffed sausage in those size 8 slacks at the back of your closet).

The thing about One Year Olds is they sneakily and craftily lull you into bragging on their excellent sleeping habits to all your mommy friends, listening all the while. . . as silently they hatch a plan to ope their wee brown little eyes nigh unto 3:30 in the morn, sit straight up in bed and peer around in the darkness as if to say “You wanna run that by me again?”

The thing about Life is that in the midst of the chaos of a toyed up living room, a sink that never empties, bills piled up on couch backs, and crazy work schedules that make it all possible, there is a sweetness winding through, a veritable confectionary ribbon, a swirly, caramel river you want to drink from and maybe just float around in for a while.

[Title quote is from "Sweet Home Alabama"]

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