Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Move over, Rover. This chick is taking over!"

Man, was this the longest week EVER without the internet, or what?

What's that? It wasn't a week? Just three days, huh? Er . . .

Well, what I really want to talk about is tetherball. Because how many kinds of Awesome was that game when I was in grade school??? About eleventy million kinds, that's how. We - me and the sibs, that is - even made our own makeshift tethers during the summers, that's how.

But then I grew up. And instead of playing tetherball, I became the tetherball, knocked to and fro with every buzz of the cell phone or ding! of e-mail.

But ever since Wednesday, I have been tether-less. Why, just last night I went to Costco and came back home to discover that I had left without my cell phone. Before, I would have discovered its absence from my purse within 2.7 seconds and ran back into the house to get it. But! since the only people I am allowed to speak with were with me, it was left to wither in the dark on the loveseat at home.

Still, as I discovered this week, I do need the cell phone to continue being successful in my stint as Chief Operations Officer of my home. Things like "if you need a $20, you can find it [here]!" and "the real estate agent needs those papers stat" and {other really important communiques made easier by living, breathing technology}.

But also? It seemed to me that I had more time in the evenings. That may just be because I was off from work earlier, so dinner and everything else was earlier. . . I suppose only time will tell.

I did use the internet and computer as needed for business and work, but I had more time on my lunch hours to read HP6 and get really really tired only to have to peel myself off of the recliner and schlump my tired butt back to the office.

I had more time to do What Needs To Be Done, like our LLC filing. I really thought that filing for a new business would be more ceremonious, but seriously folks, believe me when I tell you that you hand them your paperwork and there are no banners or balloons falling from the sky, no flashing camera bulbs or congratulatory handshakes. Just "that'll be $50" and "it'll be 4 to 6 weeks for processing. NEXT!"

But other things that Need to Be Done did not get done. Like folding the laundry, for instance. The clean clothes are mounded in their basket like ice cream in a dish just waiting to be folded up and put away real nice. But, seriously, doing laundry without the benefit of mindless entertainment? That's just mindless. So that'll be a task for this morning, better believe it.

So, to wrap up? I missed TV, cell phones are just plain convenient, but the distraction and time suck that masquerades as the internet (and possibly texting) I can do without.

I promised myself that I would not be carb (tech) loading on the weekends, hence the 2.5 hour limit, but here I am an hour in already. . . . And, done.

[Title quote is from "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"]

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