Thursday, July 7, 2011

"You've got an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. It's going to get you into trouble someday."

The Ottoman Project, Part 1

Our years-old (who knows how many??) $12 Goodwill-hunting coffee table was swiftly decommissioned the precise moment our son learned how to crawl. The white sliver of a scar on my lower lip, evidence of a face-first run in with a table in my own toddlerhood, made my mind reel with the potential threats my once-innocuous table now posed.

Relegated to the least used room in the house, that perfectly square, sturdy table with the smallish gash on one corner sat sadly - tipped up on its side with its legs hanging out or, more recently, on all fours being scuffed up as a moving box assembly station.

I don't recall what particular wild hair made me search, but I Googled "how to make an ottoman out of a coffee table". And I kept right on Googling long after I decided it was exactly what my poor thrift-store table needed, trying to get the steps and details just right for what would become the centerpiece of our family room.

I kept my eye on my fabric of choice for two months, trying to justify the cost. The fact that the color scheme in my new family room and kitchen were based off of that fabric ended up being justification enough (but only after a 10% off coupon and free shipping). Because I am a moron, or maybe just a distracted mom, I ordered way too much fabric. I needed 3.5 feet (about 1.25 yards), but I ordered 3.5 yards. So I will have lots of extra for pillows - or maybe even a second ottoman for the living room!

SUPPLIES YOU NEED before getting started:

• cotton batting
• 2 or 3" foam (foam can be well over $30 per yard, so wait until there’s a sale and remember: fabric stores – I’m looking at you JoAnn’s - will not cut it to size for you)
• electric knife (or razor knife and handy dandy husband)
• spray adhesive
• twine or string (I used crochet thread)
• scissors
• LONG needle
• hammer
• staple gun (a staple gun connected to an air compressor works best)
• staples
• flat head screwdriver for staple removal
• button forms for covered buttons (available at fabric stores)
• enough fabric to cover your project

Stay tuned for step-by-step tutorial and photos!

[Title quote is from "The Princess Bride"]

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