Thursday, August 25, 2011

"My god, man, you could at least *act* like it was a hard decision!"

More from the August annals. . .

I am tired - both brain and heart weary, having been beaten into submission by reality.

There's a fresh newness to one's reality, a crispness for having been sealed up until its discovery and ultimate unraveling. When talking of scary things like "foreclosure" and "debt" and "purchasing power" and "volatile economy" and "credit scores", Reality creeps about the edges of the room, ducking behind sundry furnishings until, finally, with so much pomp and flourish, it pops out and announces itself with a grand "Ta da!"

There is an air of discovery about the whole ordeal, the closing up of a long journey in search of some elusive something, that now, having revealed itself, is as refreshing as it is startling.

And the path to get here - oh! - how well it has been traveled. How thoroughly these careworn travelers have studied the path along the way, trying to remember each detail, committing it to memory lest they be tested on it later.

[Title quote is from "Star Trek"]

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