Friday, August 26, 2011

"Sometimes, it's the boring stuff I remember the most."

More from the August annals. . .

A couple of days, a couple of wagons to fall off of.

It all started with chocolate cake. Perhaps my half of a perfectly balanced not-too-sweet chocolate slice was my undoing? A noticeable crack in my resolve to stick to my "no sugar!" ultimatum for 30 days and - Bam! - the whole delicate balance comes tumbling down, writing daily falling with it, into the rubble.

Then I felt at a loss for words and sat listening to the clock ticking the minutes off, with words and thoughts and feelings spinning together in some great whirlpool of emotion and contemplation.

But I do not find frustration.

There were playgroups and naps and the satisfaction of leisurely Saturdays.

And the hope that all our hopes and plans are possible and within reach.

And the absolute wonder at the love of a Heavenly Father who hears my pleas and orchestrates the whole lovely Thing.

Life is good.

[Title quote is from "Up"]

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