Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Yeah, let's celebrate mediocrity! That's fantastic."

You wanna know what’s pretty sad? I don’t feel very writey. Or updatey. Because you know what? The daily happens and it’s so everything but also very nothing.

But I’m gonna try. For all our sakes. But mostly for mine. Because I’m freakin’ tired of that Christmas tree being at the top of my blog this late into the new year. Also I am too tired to post actual pictures of our 2011 tree. And also because I haven’t uploaded the pictures yet. And besides, I totally missed that boat anyway when December 31st sailed off into that good night.

The good news is that 2012 has been great so far.

I made a list of resolutions. Then I assigned them to months. Some of the months are challenging. Then again, for June my goal is to “survive new babyhood”. I don’t have anything for October or November yet. Any ideas?

I’ve spent goodly, insanely big portions of my time budget reading the Twilight saga. I set out to learn more about the whole werewolf imprinting thing and also to find out how the damn thing ends so I don’t have to wait until the next film is out later this year. And then sometimes I feel guilty and I know exactly what Jenn means when she resolves to “read the scriptures like they’re Twilight”.

I have big big hopes that big big things will happen this year. And I don’t just mean big babies in big bellies. I feel that my feet have been set on a path and I have no idea where it leads. So I have lots of hope (and nearly equal amounts of shame for not doing more of what I know I should be doing). All the same, I’m doing what I can to help these big big things along, and trying to prove I’m Serious about wanting them and being committed to making them work.

Speaking of big things, we bought our kid a big boy bed and he basically loves it. Except for the nights he’s restless and wakes up three or four times calling for “Mama!” until I want to poke my tired eyes out and finally just give up and bring him to our bed. It’s only happened two times in two weeks, but it makes me bat fuh-reakin crazy.

I wrote to a name blog for help with a baby name. Because remember this? Yeeaaaahhhhhhhhh. . . . We have a name in mind. M is convinced it is THE name. I? Am not. I think we should have a backup. And some nicknames we can force from birth. Because the I pretty much hate the obvious ones. Which is nicht so gut.

Also? I can’t decide if my baby belly is tiny or big. Since it’s bumping into things without my permission, I’m thinking it’s big and that my top-down perspective just makes it look tiny and skews things a bit.

And then a couple of weeks ago, M was all “let’s have a third one” and I was all “who are you!?!?” and also “let’s have this one first, mmmkay?” And then, the reality of three distilled downward and settled on my pragmatism a while and I was all “we’d have to buy a bigger car” which is why my brain sort of stops at two, even though my heart would totally go to three, at least. Essentially, this means that I’ve asked M to take some belly pictures because if this is my last pregnancy, I’d really like to have it documented.

Also again? How is it that 10 weeks at the beginning of pregnancy can pretty much drag (especially when you’re dog sick but so much like a rat that you’re unable to throw up) and 10 weeks at the middle of pregnancy can pretty much fly by? I mean, who’s in charge of the time flying/dragging continuum anyway? Because, seriously, Dude? That sucker needs to be adjusted.

But even with flying time and such – not that I’m complaining or anything – but I feel like it’s been January forever. I’m stuck in January the way Phil Connors gets stuck on February 2. It’s all good though, because do you know how much I’ve been able to accomplish this month?

Also times three? I laughed and laughed at this post by Kalli, for lots of reasons. And if it doesn’t make you laugh too then we can’t be friends.

[Title quote is from "Whip It"]

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