Friday, October 19, 2012

"I couldn't hear you. There was a crack in the planet. WOW... that was noisy!"

OK.  So here's the bloody, graphic truth of it all:

Having a second kid has totally been kickin' our trash.

But it's good!  It's all good!
. . . Now.

Sort of.  Mostly.

When we were hoping and praying and waiting for our first, we were more than happy to sign ourselves up for a lifestyle upheaval.  We were all bring it on, kid!

And with our second, we fell right into the trap of all who have a little seasoned experience: we were too casual.  We were all pssshhhhh, another babyEhWe got this!

{insert facepalm here}

Ever since baby A graced us with his lovely, happy, healthy, cottage-cheese-thighs-and-butt presence, we've been all loop de loop de loop de loop de loop. . . . and then we were just plain loopy loopy loopy loopy.

We kept waiting for it to get normal.  And waiting.  And looking around, mouths agape, going whaaaaaa???? and then more with the waiting.

Now, I know some people who are all like "going from 1 to 2 was easy!  it's going from 5 to 6 that was the kicker!"

We are not those people.

No.  WE are the people who are all "we totally love our comfort and order and normal and we eschew chaos and crazy and abnormal wherever possible".

And babies?  Babies are the kind of people who are all "hi!  I brought chaos and crazy and abnormal home with me. . . good thing I'm cute, right?"

Seriously, people.


There are nights when M and I look at each other and say "do we really think we can do this again?" and we shake our heads and sigh.  And then we fall asleep.  It's a circular kind of conversation, really.

But, it's getting better. And better.  And better.  Especially when my boys are kissing on each other and my heart grows five times bigger and everything feels pretty right in the world.

I just hope if there really is an "again" that I won't forget that it won't feel normal for a long long time. 

*Note to self: look up this blog post next time so you won't be so danged surprised when the world falls out of orbit and gets stuck on the dark side of the moon.  Mmmmmmkay?

[Title quote is from "Spanglish"]

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