Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"The element of surprise, random acts of unpredictability?"

There's this "7 Random Facts" thingy floating around where you're supposed to come up with 7 totally random things about yourself. It has taken me a while, but here are mine, in no particular order:

1. I unwittingly make up these (usually sarcastic) catchphrases without particular rhyme or reason. Then, unconsciously and without any premeditation, they slip into my daily conversations. Eventually, just as abruptly, I abandon them and move on to others. Examples are "I'd rather poke a pen in my eye" OR "you gotta be kiddin' me!" OR "yeah, cuz that makes sense" OR "sure, that's not random". Recently, it's "blah-di-blah-di-blah" (used kind of like "yadda yadda yadda" but with a more expanded application. I like it!). Where do I pick these things up?!?

2. When I buy anything - ANY thing (shoes, cereal, vacuums, fruit, clothes, you name it ), I have to get the most untouched package or box or container I can find. If there's a dent, ding, smush, scratch or other imperfection - if it's been tried on, disturbed, unzipped, used or sampled - I'll find another one. This is when buying "new" obviously - I mean, hello! Can you see me doing this in thrift stores? I'd go nuts and they'd have to commit me. Somehow, when buying secondhand, this neuroses is dormant.

3. I'm also very picky about scratches, scuffs, wear patterns, marks, dings, or dents on my stuff. It borders on obsessive. M is very careful, but somehow sometimes manages to scratch or ding my stuff (not his) when he's borrowing it. I know he doesn't mean to, but I still obsess and inspect it and pout a little.

4. I routinely run into doorways and doors as if they change location on a regular basis. Then, I usually proclaim out loud - whether at home, at work, to coworkers or to no one in particular - "Oh! There's a door there!" Walls and corners are common runner ups!

5. I'm an obsessive list maker. Rarely a day goes by that I don't make some sort of list. Sometimes I find old lists around the house - lists for all kinds of things like: things to do, home repair projects to complete, wish lists, books to read, books to buy, hobbies to try, things to write about, interesting names, amusing quotes, words to look up, topics to research. . . I'll find lists from the past while cleaning and they'll have things like: research wills/trusts, call (insert name here), paint, make schedule, bathe dogs, archive photos onto disks, put photos into albums, go through clutter in office, buy ironing board, sew/mend clothes. . . . . the lists go on and on!

6. I quote movies randomly. That's not hard to guess. But I also live movie plots. Something random, say a certain situation, will make me think of a movie and I don't even have to quote it. I'll just say to whoever I'm with "This is just like that scene in (name of movie) when they (relative plot point)!" I really don't think people around me find it as amusing as I do.

7. I'm told I make funny facial expressions. I've never stood in front of a mirror and watched myself to see if I do - only youngest children get to do that, and I'm an oldest. So, only other people can confirm this strange. . . can you call it a talent? Oh, and I also do the Peanuts dance.

[Title Quote is from "The X Files" movie]


CaROlInE said...

I love your randomness. And I've never noticed you making funny faces...next time I see you, I'm gonna stare at you the WHOLE TIME. It'll be great. For me, probably not you. And I totally run into doors all the time!

Jen said...

okay i was totally going to say "i love your randomness" (i swear!!, but somebody already stole that!) anyway i really do. I miss the random nichole! and I love how you changed the words below your "Leave your comment" spot it is witty!!
Oh and thanks for thinking of me it is weird how those things work!

trina said...

omg u are freakin hilarious!!!!

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