Saturday, October 20, 2007

"I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!"

I thought something was up - no comments on any of my recent blogs? C'mon, I'm not that bad! Unless I've been blacklisted in some secret blog society I don't know about, I wasn't sure what's been going on. Turns out a few weeks back I turned the "moderate comments" option on. Yeah, um, don't do that unless you want all your comments to sit in some online comment bank until you look at them, say they're OK for publishing, and then manually publish them.

To those who've left comments, sorry for the non-response! I now hear (read) you loud and clear! Thanks for sharing the love!!!

[Title quote is from "Zoolander"]


CaROlInE said...

Ahhh, here's a comment for you. I feel bad when I don't get any. I know people are reading my blog. Just leave a comment! Or watch me wither away into nothingness because I think no one likes me. . .

Jen said...

I love the quote for this one! I love comments too!

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