Saturday, November 10, 2007

"What's the prize? The Star Dazzle award?"

This award goes to my best back talkers: Jen and Caroline! You guys are Stars and I love you!!! Your comments make my days!

Now, you can each do what you will with this award: give an acceptance speech in Famous Last Words, bestow it on 3 friends via your blog, or just brag about it on said blog.

{P.S. I came up with this genious award idea (and then swiftly looked it up on the i-net) - so if it looks copycat, rest assured, it's only half so.}


[Title quote is from High School Musical 2]


Caroline said...

ooh, ooh, ooh! I love when I feel popular, and awards make me feel all warm and tingly and popular. And loved. (I'm just assuming that you love me because if you secretly hated me, you wouldn't give me the Star Dazzle award, now would you?) But now I feel pressure to make THIS comment totally awesome... I'll get back you on that.

Jen said...

Yay for us! I love that you made up an award and that I got to co-receive it! that rocks! Thanks, you are the best. I love looking at my "google reader" and seeing that you have made a new post, it always makes my day to read your randomness!

trina said...

this is soo funny! i read ur blogs in ascending order and realized that i should have te opposite of the star award cuz i just realized how to comment on ur blogs... what a doof!!

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