Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Boo Frickity Hoo!"

Because I'm psycho like that, I'm now going to apologize for whining in my previous post. My list doesn't sound so hard (although in my own defense, it isn't all-inclusive).

And since I abhor whining almost as much as I hate not being able to sleep, I apologize (although in my defense, I haven't really slept well for about 2.5 weeks now).

Don't you ever just have those days?

Those really crappy, I-know-I-should-be-happier-than-this kind of days?

The ones where even the smallest things (um, see the items on the lists in the aforementioned post) seem insurmountable, like they're going to eat you alive like the house in Monster House if you even get near them and try to complete them?

The ones where you fall into a gulf of misery and endless woe because someone looked at you wrong? Or the ones where you stare at your husband in disgusted disbelief because he dares wish you a chipper "good morning honey!" and you later ask him who the hell poured sunshine into his coffee cup today?



Must just be me then.

Anyway sorry I whined.

Go about your fantastic day!

[Title quote is from "Austin Powers in Goldmember"]


the MomBabe said...

How dare you not be happy all the time!

Brittney Andy and Boston said...

I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard. BUt it is so rewarding. Go to the site. It really has helped so much. Also, there is a post on goodmommy/bad mommy you should read. YOu can find a link on my site or the mormonmommyblog site. It is a few posts down. I think it is title I married well. It is a letter from a husband to a wife about the "joys" of motherhood. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and then feel guilty for not loving every minute of it. I think it applies to more than just motherhood. Often in the church, or in life, it is easy to feel that way. It is ok to get worn out or tired, the key is to not lock yourself in your closet. I say this having locked myself in there often!
And I don't think you are whiny, if you were happy all the time I would think you were weird. You gotta know sorrow to enjoy the happiness.

Kimberly said...

I second mombabe's comment. The nerve of you!

You better keep up the whining and complaining or I'll be looking down my nose at you thinking we don't have enough in common to be friends. =P

Kristine said...

Dud, so totally there with you today, including the no sleep thing, hence why I'm leaving a comment at this hour.

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