Saturday, July 5, 2008

"I have a strict no-ruffles policy."

I'm not much of a sports fan. That's probably a bit of an understatement. But. I am a movie buff of sorts.

So, last Saturday when I was unable to go running due to back pain, I interspersed icing sessions, stretching, popping, a little massage and taking two Tylenol with watching loads of TV while lying on the couch. (So much for "Couch to 5k", huh?)

I watched several movies I'd never seen before. Both of which featured these really athletic chicks:
Kate Bosworth in "Blue Crush"

Missy Peregrym in "Stick It"

And that got me wishing I was more athletic. I mean, I know I'm running and all, but "athletic" is never something I've considered myself to be.

I was pretty fit in high school. I remember the year I tried out for cheer. I went home barely able to walk for several days after practice. I was so discouraged by my body's revolution that I didn't even bother going to tryouts.

And I've essentially never played any sports. Hmmmmm. . . . nope, can't think of any. True, I do now play golf (albeit poorly), and I go kayaking. And I go boogie boarding. And rollerblading. And I've tried my hand at tennis. And I'd love to try surfing. And I now run.

But I'm still not what I would consider athletic. When taken in sum like this, one of my aunts described me as "sporty" to another aunt. That's as close as I think I get. And it's a HUGE compliment.

And yet I'm not really convinced I would want to be "athletic". In that movie "Stick It"? Yeah. The girl had to take an ice bath consistently in order to deal with the pain. That? Not my idea of fun.

But, I suppose I would take "athletic" if it came with a healthy dose of "sexy". Case in point:

Gabrielle Reece

Maria Sharapova

Eh. Even now, I am not convinced. Largely because: 1) I will never be as tall as these women, and 2) starting at 31 might be a little late. Well, except for with running. Running is pretty much an equal opportunity "sport". Maybe someday I'll be known as "athletic" after all.

I'm certainly seeing my bod slim down and I lurve it, lurve it, lurve it. Even though every time I run, I come home and ice my shins. And massage them. And stretch them for days thereafter. But an ice bath?!? I think I'll take "sporty" and stick with my ice packs.

P.S. Do you love how I linked to myself 4 times in this blog? I do. It cracks me up!

[Title quote is from "She's the Man"]


Kimberly said...

I think it's all relative. Compared to my sedentary self, you are hugely athletic. Compared to my little sister, we're both slugs. Just compare yourself to you. =P

Miranda said...

Keep it up and maybe one day you will have an athletic body! Well, except for the height thing.

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