Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Yeah man, but it's a dry heat!"

It's hot!

No. Seriously. It's HOTTT!

I was trying to be brave about it. I was trying to say "well, we had a lovely spring". And "May was really really mild for Arizona". And "if it it doesn't get much hotter than June did, I think I'll be OK".

Phffffsh! Sha right!


As an ode to the hot hot heat (not the band, the weather! keep up, wouldya?), here's a list of things I insist on continuing to try to do, even though the temperature outside has officially reached a bajillion degrees:

-buy bananas (they get brown within days because it's too . . . well, you know)

-put off shaving my hairy dog, then feel badly that it's too. . . well, you know

-trying to keep the thermostat at 84 degrees at the lowest

-wear black

-drink 3 liters of water a day and hope to not bloat

-not complain when I get in the car and the HOT! air stifles the breath out of me

-wear pants

-RUN. no time is safe anymore. morning: too HOT and there's that whole sun thing. evening: hotter still, even without the sun beating me up

-use the oven

-park in "creative" ways so as to "minimize" the directness of the sun hitting any window of my car

-use my garage door as a heat trap, with two HOT cars parked inside, so that it's extra HOT in that part of the house

-believe I can keep a running/training regimen up through the HOT summer months

-soothe myself into thinking that it will get better "soon". {3 more months? What!?}

Oh, also, I'm sharing my take on the HOT-ness that is Phoenix over here. Take a look.

[Title quote is from "Aliens"]


Kimberly said...

I'm giggling and wincing at the same time.

It kind of hurts.

the MomBabe said...

oh come on, it's only 120 today!

Jonathan & Katherine Earl said...

I feel badly for all of you down there. It is only supposed to be 100 degrees here today. I find it helps to just stay indoors (sub-level apartment) actually feels kind of cool inside our apartment. Good luck with the heat! --Katherine

Trina said...

i'm trying to prepare myself on exactly how drenched from sweat i'll be during fireworks on the fourth while entertaining my children the WHOLE day before without breaking the bank and being in the a/c not at home. ugh!

Miranda said...

I hate it when people say it's a dry heat. There's nothing dry about 110+ degrees outside. And don't even get me started on the humidity that comes with it!

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