Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Do you see in black and white, or color?"

This post is inspired by Ray Bradbury. No. Seriously. Describing a summer day (the trolley day, for those who know), Ray Bradbury wrote in Dandelion Wine, "from every window blows an incense, the all-pervasive blue and secret smell of summer storms and lightning."

Did you catch that? He described a smell as blue.

Which has me thinking about color this week.

Can smells be colors? Can something smell orange? Or yellow? Or green? Ever have this happen?

Can taste be colors? Can something taste red? Or blue? Or purple? Ever have this happen?

If so, tell me about it.

I tend to think of lunch in terms of color. Some days I'll have an orange food day. I'll eat a cheese sandwich, with some carrots and some orange jello or a nectarine. The other day I was eating a pastrami and cheddar sandwich on wheat, some carrots, and some cherries. My lunch was colorful. And I was thinking that it's no coincidence that foods that are good for you are the colorful ones. Think about it! All the uncolorful stuff is bad for you: sugar, bleached wheat, high fructose corn syrup. . .

But, did those cherries taste red? Did my carrots taste orange? Do summer storms smell blue?

I'm going to have to start paying better attention!

[Title quote is from "Brother Bear"]


Kimberly said...

I think that those with a creative turn of mind sometimes lose themselves in the colour palette that is life. I know that for me, I sometimes catch glimpses of that colour. A word, a smell, a sound...they can spark a vivid array of colours. Words especially are key for me. There are some words that have definite colours assigned to them, and when I close my eyes and mull over a sentence, I can sometimes see the colours come to life.

Only sometimes, though, when I'm in touch with that creative side. Most of the time I'm too caught up in mundanity to see it.

heather said...

Hmm. I think I'll mull this over later. Actually -I think you should do a survey (just for the heck of it) Come up with a few situations... like what color is the smell of the desert after rain? what color is the feeling of satin sheets? what color is the song of a dove? and see what other people can come up with.

AZ Karen said...

I know it sounds a little too obvious, but the smell of orange blossoms is definitely orange.

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