Monday, October 27, 2008

"He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy."

Random Things – Birthday edition

32. Sometimes when I blog, I sound out sounds to try to figure out how to spell them.

31. I’m like a bird – I must have my head covered when I sleep. Actually, I'm kind of like a bat. We have aluminum foil on our windows, and vertical blinds, and a darkening shade and a blanket. And I sleep with a sleep mask. And a pillow over my head.

30. I have a very vivid internal landscape. I often imagine entire scenarios stemming from one action, which usually end up with me somehow being famous, or contracting some sort of sickness, or getting arrested, or dying or some other insane form of high drama.

29. I am pretty vain. I tend to think everything is about me. Then I wake up and realize I’m not so special. Well, not that special.

28. People think I have very high self-esteem. I do. It's just that I’m coming to find that I also have very high self-doubt and need more reassurance than I ever realized or thought possible.

27. I can't watch people sing. Seriously. Even in church. It creeps me out. I look down and just listen. And I don't watch American Idol. Ever.

26. I haven't worn eyeshadow since May. That's when I found out I had dermititis on my eyelids. Stupid Olay!

25. I routinely make up words. Most recently, it's "idiyahoo" - because I got tired of calling people "idiots" when driving. It rubs off on M. The other day, he called a bad driver a "yahoo" too.

24. I wonder about stupid things like who does Palin's makeup and whether jackrabbits ever grow into their ears and how vets figure out that dogs have allergies.

23. I finally found a dermatologist (see #26) and made him look at all my moles and spots to make sure I don't have skin cancer.

22. I am a firm believer that vacuuming my house should be considered an aerobic sport.

21. That said, I'm so not a clean freak! It's perfectly OK with me if dust tends to build up and clutter sits a while.

20. A co-worker recently discovered my secret shame: I eat cereal while driving in to work. Eating and driving at the same time. tsk tsk tsk!

19. I have food anxieties: fruit thats too soft, vegetables that are the least bit slimy, and especially ice cream melting - which is why I eat it so quickly.

18. I create hair mosaics in the shower. So that hair doesn't go down the drain, I stick it up on the walls, then tissue it off after.

17. Some of my favorite expressions are "a month of Sundays" and "Lord love a duck" and "on a sticky wicket" and "hell if I know" (reminds me of my grandfather) and "mah huh" which is kind of like uh huh but with an "m".

16. I sometimes designate a day an Orange Food Day and eat grilled cheese sandwiches, carrots and nectarines for lunch.

15. I'm still realizing my gifts. When things come naturally to you, it's not always easy to see it as a gift. One of mine is that I can speak publicly.

14. I wiggle my big toe on my right foot when I'm sitting on the couch on my laptop or reading or thinking hard. . . Apparently it drives M crazy! He'll say "you're doing it again!" and laugh.

13. After having a stern talking to with myself in the mirror a couple of months ago, I started this thing called Chocolate Fridays. I only eat chocolate on Fridays and then only 3 pieces. Well, except for that one Friday, when I had 1 piece, then ate the other 2 on Saturday. Oh, and on a non-Friday, when I had two pieces. Besides those two days, I've stuck to my Chocolate Fridays pretty darn well. I actually haven't had any chocolate for a couple of weeks now.

12. I'm coming to find that I'm more tenacious and stubborn than I ever thought possible. Which would make me one heck of a good lawyer. If I ever wanted to be one, that is. Unlikely, but a good back up, no?

11. My hair used to be very very very very blonde. Now? Not so much!

10. I make my bed every day. But never when I get out of bed. Usually when I'm still in it, and sometimes as I'm getting out of it. But not when I get out of it.

9. My favorite feature about myself is that I'm upbeat and positive.

8. One of my favorite things about my husband is his integrity.

7. Two of my favorite things about where I live are: 1) the mountain and 2) how I can see the airplanes line up waiting to land and in the night sky they look like diamonds strung out on a necklace.

6. I regularly feel guilty that I don't see my or M's family more often.

5. When I watch movies for the first time, especially dramas, the images and storyline bounce around in my head for days afterward while I decide on the meaning, the moral implications, etc. Blame it on my years of English literature training. I love movies that make me think.

4. On the other hand, I do not like scary or psychological thriller movies. Anything mildly disturbing is a no-go. And M. Night Shyamalan is definitely out.

3. I drink at least 3 liters of water a day. That's 3/4 of a gallon!

2. I'm rather self-conscious of my acne scars and sun damage on my face.

1. I love cake and I'm going to out to get myself some like in the picture in this post!

I didn't ever think I would make it to 32! (random things, not years of life!)

[Title quote is from "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"]


the MomBabe said...

Aww, Happy Birthday!

Trina said...

happy birthday!

Kristine said...

Okay, so sorry but HAPPY BIRTHDAY belated, of course. and WOW cereal while driving... that really is a talent considering the bowl and milk and spoon and all. Impressive.

Michelle said...

I enjoy your blogs! You are so much fun and you have a great influence on those around you!

Jen said...

i don't know how i didn't see this post when you did it, but i am glad I popped on over to see why you haven't written in a while. I miss you!! and happy late b-day!! i loved your 32 things that was fun!

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