Sunday, November 16, 2008

"You're probably one of those crazy American women like Charlie's Angels and you are going to kung-fu me in the head and steal my car."

We did it.

We traveled "overseas".

And I have come home to report that I'm proud to be an American.

It was truly the strangest feeling to be overseas while The Election was going on. Taxi drivers in Spain and Italy were tuned in to their radios and turned them up to listen to any news about the election. We saw graffiti touting "Obama Barack" in Italy. The Brits we dined with discussed the differences between their 2-week elections versus this 2-year election.

It was a world election, really. And Obama won, but the world didn't feel any different.

We were in one very Arabic country in north Africa for like 4 hours - we were too scared to stay any longer than that. When we were leaving, a band consisting of one clarinet player and two drummers were playing for our enjoyment. They played the U.S. national anthem. I was done in. I immediately became homesick. The next 2.5 days could not go fast enough.

The minute we started flying over the eastern seaboard, I was announcing it second-by-second to M: "We're flying over Boston!" "Look! Now we're over Virginia!"

We landed in Atlanta before making our way to Phoenix. The Atlanta airport provided the opportunity for me to get started immediately on my Top American Foods to Eat list: a smoothie and a hot dog. (The other two items were accomplished the next day: a grilled cheese sandwich and homemade bean burritos.)

The streets here are clean, straight and flat. The air is dry. The weather is lovely. Perhaps the light is not as nice, and it doesn't quite have the fascinating "history", but it's home. "Home! Where everybody knows your name!"

Those French women really do know how to dress, but I'm so glad to be a crazy American woman!

(I do miss the daily gelato, though!)

[Title quote is from "Under the Tuscan Sun"]

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Jen said...

holy schmoly!! you are gonna have to give a better report of your trip. where did you go and how long were you gone etc etc... how fun for you guys!!!

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