Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"You know, we just don't recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they're happening."

Alternate title: Attack of the Mormon Mommy Bloggers

I recently went to a parade. Seated very nearby were 3 MMBs. How could I tell? I just could. If you were there, you would have been able to tell, too.

MMB1 (to her child): Stand next to your sister! Now smile! Smile! Smile!
MMB2 (to her child): OK, now put the donut up to your mouth and take a big bite! Now look at me!
MMB3 (to her child): Drink your milk and I'll take a picture!

MMB1 (watching child "dance" to the music): *snaps photos for 10 full minutes*
MMB2 (watching child convulse next to her friends/possible cousins): *snaps photos for 10 full minutes* *ignores child who repeatedly goes into meltdown mode and throws fits*
MMB3 (watching child jump up and down to the music): *snaps photos for 10 full minutes*

MMB1 (to child): OK. Now stand next to (insert some cutesy child's name) and smile! Stand all together! Smile!
MMB2 (to child): Now look at me! Smile! Smile!
MMB3 (to child): Here! Let me get one of you putting your chair away! Smile!

[Title quote is from "Field of Dreams']

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Jen said...

that is awesome!!! so mmb

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