Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets!"

Where have I been? (you might ask)
What's up with the not writing? (you might ask)

funny story, see

I've just awoken from the strangest
midwinter night's dream

in which I was body snatched
and during that time I

had an awful (and awe-full) week at work
and played Lady Justice
between Faith and Fear (again)
and had saltwater in my ears
from all the laying down and crying
and feeling really down in the dumps
and so I prayed and prayed and prayed
and was uber-grateful for my loving husband

and I missed being around here
because I ran off to my Super Secret Place
to write about the precise reason why
I have salty ears

then I scrubbed out my shower
(for the first time in months)
and took a hot bath
and listened to those Puppini Sisters
and shaved my hairy navel
(for the first time in my life)
and felt some relief
and even some peace
but I must eat too much salt
because my lids keep having to hold back the tide

I'll be around more often
once I'm done in my secret hideaway

[Title quote is from "Mean Girls"]


Jen said...

this doesn't sound good! Let me know if you need a shoulder or an ear! love you!!

mom said...

If you need me I'm here for you
and I love you with all my heart.

Miranda said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sounds like we're going through similar situations- well, sort of- so if you ever need to talk just holler! BTW- thank you for this post, because it actually helped me put some of my own thoughts into words. I am always here for you when you need me, cuz that's what sisters are for!

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