Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Are you such a city girl that you can't pee outside?"

We saw the Title Quote movie last night.
Apparently, M has a secret (not anymore!) crush on Renee Zellweger.
He says she's "hot".
I say her face looks aged.
He says he doesn't care.
Her face looked better in this movie than any before it, he says.
Makes me rethink his version of sexy.
For the first time ever.
And where I fit into that newly strange dynamic.
He even inquired about her motherly and marital statuses.
Now, the scenes with her running by the ocean, however?
(Only substitute me in for her. . . )
[Title quote is from "New In Town"]

1 comment:

the MomBabe said...

Really? I can't stand her because I think she always looks constipated. It's just painful for me to watch.

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